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It is hot on everyone’s mind nowadays, are you having a girl or aboy?

First of all, despite the fact that it seems like everyone is wanting to find out the sex of their baby before birth, the numbers are still about 50/50. So, if you are not interested in finding out don’t be concerned.

Ways to Find Out

    • Ultrasound is probably the most common method of finding out the sex of your baby. This is generally done during the 20 -28 week range. If your practitioner schedules an ultrasound for this point on a routine basis your insurance may or may not cover this charge. Sometimes you will have to schedule an ultrasound specifically to find out your baby’s sex. This can run you upwards of $300 and is generally not covered by ultrasound. Remember they can’t always tell, they aren’t always right, and sometimes their office policies are not to tell.
    • Genetic testing is also used to determine the gender of your baby before birth. Because each of these also carries a risk to the baby and the pregnancy they are rarely used to solely find out the gender, but rather for a specific search for genetic information. The two most common would be theamniocentesis and the chorionic villus sampling (CVS). CVS can be a done between the 10-14th week, while amniocentesis is generally done after week 14. These tests are nearly 99% accurate in telling you the baby’s sex.
    • Old Wives tales. Yup, those old wives are at it again! This is harmless people claim it’s fairly accurate, although it is meant to be for fun, if it’s right that is an added bonus! This Boy or Girl Test can be a lot of fun!
    • Chinese Lunar Calendars. This actually draws quite a bit of mail my direction, usually because you can find at least four different versions on the net. These are also for fun and I wouldn’t place a lot of stock in them for accuracy. Based on the Mother’s age at conception and the month conception took place you will be told the gender of your unborn (or preconceived) baby. Some people claim that the differences come from the fact that the Chinese consider a newborn baby one year of age.
    • Some say that if you look at the fetal heart rate that you can predict the gender of your baby. The old saying is that above 140 is a girl and below is a boy.

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